In a large open space or in a shared room you often feel the need to better divide the spaces. It is not always necessary to restructure with bricks, plasterboard and similar: it is enough to opt for ad hoc solutions, taking advantage of furnishing accessories designed for this purpose.


Freestanding libraries are a good option. Suitable both to separate the living area from the dining room but also to divide a studio from the waiting room or spaces in an open space office. Especially double-sided are to be preferred as they can be exploited from both sides.

Other accessories that divide the spaces are less cumbersome and that can be exploited are the closets. For example, for an entrance hall, double sided cupboards are perfect: on one side mirror or empty pockets and on the other coat hanger or umbrella stand.


Timeless is separè: there is no trend that holds, this is an everlasting piece. There are two types: those suspended and the most classic screens. Ideal suspended to create privacy and decoration at the same time, perfect where the floor area is reduced.

The screens, on the other hand, are versatile: they can be moved from room to room and become real furnishing elements, especially if chosen in combination with the surrounding furniture.


The same applies to modular curtains and panels. They are both suspended dividers, often composed of multiple layers and interlocking.

If you have stairs or cantilevered walls and want to remodeled the space you can opt for libraries – for the occasion it is good to choose the larger ones that will help to restore the balance of the room. This complement is a valuable ally because it allows you to have a complete view and manages to filter natural light.

In conclusion, the advantages of these solutions are many: more immediate than building changes, they are mobile and versatile, give privacy, respect the proportions of the room – and sometimes restore them – and allow light to reverberate without obstacles.

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