For several years we talk about smart working, but for the pandemic of covid-19 all workers were forced to practice it. We found ourselves having to share the living and working space with the other members of the family and to reshape our habits, creating a new routine.


It is not only adults who have been overwhelmed by this change, but also children and young students. How to encourage the concentration of all and allow the conduct of the work routine? Thanks to the revolution of spaces!

At home, you can change the destination of unused and/or few used accessories in everyday life – or buy the appropriate furniture that completely meets the new needs.


The workstation you choose is fundamental to your work performance: it should be very large and spacious with compartments, drawers or shelves for storing tools, sheets, stationery and similar.

Of course, even the lighting is not to be overlooked: ensuring an excellent distribution of light points ensures that the eyes do not fatigue.


The same goes for the chair: you really spend a lot of time sitting at the computer or at the desk and for this reason you need to have a chair with the right height and comfort.

It is very important that you never leave the workspace mess. Organizing the material to ensure the order to themselves and, if the space is shared, also for others is essential. You can encourage with containers, boxes, drawers, storage and all kinds of organizers.

If you need more space, you can get it where it was not before: in a basement, moving the sofa, freeing a wardrobe, taking advantage of a corner in the hallway and so on. You can optimize the surface you have available align vertically  the space – you’ll see how much you can get!

Ideas and ispirations